Troop 868 in Action
(Saturday, November 10th and 17th, 2012)

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Each year Troop 868 participates in the Council-wide "Scouting for Food" food drive on the second and third Saturdays of November.  The goal of the effort is to collect enough non-perishable food to supply two local food banks with items they can then distribute to families in need.  Troop 868 partners with Pack 868 and any other units that would like to work with us.  For this year, it was just Troop 868 and Pack 868.

We cover an assigned territory that includes between 4,000~5,000 homes in the western part of the city and the surrounding county to the south.  This has been our area for more than a dozen years.

On the first Saturday, scouts walk the neighborhoods in our territory placing informational flyers on the door of each home that explains the program and invited residents to participate.  On the following Saturday, we go back to those same homes to collect food donations.  The food we collect is then taken back to the Community Center where Troop and Pack parents sort it, count it, and re-box it.  At the end of the day, the food is split between two local food pantry programs operated by local churches and delivered.  All the food we collect will be used to feed Bullitt County families.

Troop 868 puts a great deal more time and effort into Scouting for Food than most units because we feel community service is an important part of the scouting program and because this particular project is so worthwhile.  The need for food assistance in Bullitt County is much greater than many people realize and the food we collect and deliver to the food pantries makes a real difference.

Pack 868 leaders and parents chat as the scouts line up to be served lunch on the first Saturday. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts work together for this annual community service project.
Pack 868 always provides the lunch on the first Saturday.  A group of Pack parents served the boys pizza.  It was, of course, a hit. Webelos Scout Rhys had trouble deciding between cheese, sausage, and pepperoni.
On the second Saturday, scouts returned to the same neighborhoods to collect donations.  Webelos Scout Rhys talked with some girls are one house while he waited for their mother to assemble a donation. Scouts fan out along subdivision streets like a swarm of bees then gather at a pickup point with the food they have collected.  The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts all work together.
Webelos Cub Scout Thomas with a couple of cans he received from a homeowner. Webelos Cub Scout Kenneth lifts a bag of groceries into the bus.
Cody and Kenneth both carry bags of groceries to the side of the bus. Scoutmaster Meek hands a bag of canned goods to workers waiting on the back of the troop's bus.
The crew from Scoutmaster Meek's bus paused for a quick group photo as they prepare to cover one of several trailer parks in our assigned collection area.  We were blessed to have great weather both weekends.
Arriving at the Community center for lunch, scouts carried in the food collected that morning.  At left, Drew carried in a box of canned goods as Tyler, some unidentified scout in a hoodie, and Noah lined up to carry other boxes.  At right, Gavin grabs a box.
While the scouts and scoutmasters were still out collecting, Troop and Pack parents were busy sorting food back at the Community Center.  It makes things a lot easier for the local food banks were the food is taken if it comes in the door already sorted.