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(Saturday, November 9, 2013)

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Scouting for Food has been an annual service project for Troop 868 since 2000.  This year we collected over 2 tons of non-perishable food that we delivered to two local church-operated food pantries.  Since we began making our annual collections, we have collected more than 26 tons of food to benefit local families.

Scouting for Food is a joint effort between the Boy Scouts of Troop 868 and the Cub Scouts of Pack 868.  The two groups team up for all aspects of the project.

Scouting for Food is a two-week effort.  On the first Saturday we walk through neighborhoods and place informational flyers at the door of every residence.  We return to those same homes the following Saturday to collect the donated food that is taken back to the Community Center where a crew of Pack and Troop moms ("the mom squad") sorts, counts, then re-boxes the food for delivery later that evening to the two local churches that operate food pantry programs.

Flyer distribution on the first Saturday doesn't required the full day, so after lunch at the Community Center, the Pack normally schedules some kind of fun activity for the afternoon.  The Boy Scouts are invited to participate, as well, but being teens, many of them prefer to do something with their peers and opt out.  The ones who tag along usually have a good time.  This year the afternoon activity was roller skating.

Martin places informational flyers at homes on the first Saturday of our Scouting for Food drive. Somewhere under the sunglasses and brim of the baseball hat is a face belonging to Thomas.
After more than 4 hours of walking neighborhoods and placing flyers on doors, Scouts were ready for lunch.  We see the faces of Nicholas, Dawson, and Andrew.  Jacob is seated at the table behind. Clockwise from far right we have Nicholas, Dawson, Andrew, Brixton, and Gavin.  Preston is seated at the table behind.
Pack 868 sponsored an afternoon of roller skating on the first Saturday and a few of the scouts tagged along.  This is Matthew. Here we have Brixton and Dawson helping Cub Scout Jared get the hang of how to roller skate.
The second Saturday is when we collect the food.  Here we see Noah, Andrew, and Pack 868 Webelos Cub Scout Dennis. Patiently waiting for the bus to come back down the street to load their collection are Matthew, Webelos Eli, Henry, and Webelos T.J.
Kenneth with a bag of canned goods. Nicholas hands a box of donated food through the rear door of the bus to Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Jacobs.
Here we see Martin, Andrew, and Gavin handing food to Troop parent Jerery Curd. More food from Pack 868 Webelos Connor and Nicholas.
Preston with a box of canned goods. Troop 868 Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman.