Troop 868 in Action
(October, 2006)

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The troop had originally planned to camp at a Louisville city park and hike a different trail for this outing, but camping fees that we considered unreasonably high coupled with limited parking space for the troop's vehicles led us to change venues.  We decided to camp instead in the Cub World section at the nearby Old Kentucky Home Scout Reservation and hike the Seven Arrows Trail.

Having Cub World all to ourselves gave plenty of room for patrols to spread out.  And since the outing was so close by and the Seven Arrows Trail is a fairly easy 10-mile hike, we invited Webelos from area Cub Scout packs to tagalong and experience both camping and hiking Boy Scout style.

The weather was clear and comfortable ... a perfect fall weekend.  After breakfast on Saturday morning, we prepared sack lunches to carry on the hike and began our hike at the point where the trail passed near the Cub World camping area.  The trail is a loop that winds around the perimeter of the reservation and passes through or near every major program area.  The trail itself was well-maintained and clear of obstruction, but, unfortunately, some sections were not clearly marked.  At one point, half our group took a wrong turn and later had to backtrack nearly a mile to get back on the correct trail.  At another point, the entire group took a wrong fork in the trail and ended up hiking a shorter nature trail before ending up not far from where we had made the mistake.  We didn't have to backtrack, but we did end up walking about 2 extra miles!

Even with these mistakes, we still completed the hike and ended up back at our campsite by mid-afternoon.  This provided plenty of time for each of the patrols to prepare dinner and also time for scouts to construct a bonfire and prepare skits for an after-dinner campfire program.

Following breakfast on Sunday morning, we broke camp then conducted an in-camp worship service before boarding the troop bus for the 6-mile drive home.  One of the drawbacks of having the Council camp in one's backyard is that there's no time to watch a movie on the bus during the trip to/from camp!

Everyone seemed to have a good time, including the visiting Webelos.  Hopefully they'll remember their experience with Troop 868 down the road when the time comes for them to choose a Boy Scout troop.

T-868 scouts and Webelos from Pack 685 prepare to hit the trail on Saturday morning. We picked up the trail where it crossed the access road near our campsite.
The group paused for a break along the shore of Barr Lake as the trail passed through Camp Crooked Creek. Adam and Nick looked a bit chilly ... it looks like someone else decided to try and take a quick nap?
Soon it was back to walking.  This section of the trail passes near Camp Lowe. Dylan led the column of hikers at this point.  Tim, Stephen, and Adam are the next three in line.
Tim leads at this point; followed by Stephen, Adam, Nick, Chris, Mr. DiEnno, and Mr. David Meek. Jonathan and a visiting Webelos scout followed Mr. Meek as the group neared the end of the trail.
Back in camp, Tim served as Officer of the Day while Gabe and Jonathan performed evening color guard duty. Mr. Mike DiEnno, Mr. David Meek, and Mr. Sam Borquez posed for a photo near the adult campsite.