Troop 868 in Action
(October, 2009)

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In order to assist our younger scouts with their "basic scout skills" advancement requirements and introduce them to Boy Scout hiking on a trail that's not too intense, the troop planned our October outing to be a combination tent camping/hiking event.

We established base camp on Friday night in the Cub World program area at the Frazier Scout Reservation only a few miles away.  Being literally in our backyards, Troop 868 doesn't frequently use Frazier S.R. and it had been 3 years since our last visit.  Because we were going to be so close to home, we also invited the second-year Webelos Cub Scouts from several area packs to join us for this campout and hike --- and several accepted the offer.

Our patrols did a good job of establishing camp on Friday night and cooked full dinners in their respective groups.  On Saturday morning everyone had a no-cook continental breakfast, prepared sack lunches for the trail, and took off hiking.  The Seven Arrows Trail follows the perimeter of the camp property and loops behind all the different program areas, including Cub World.  So we basically did a bit of cross-country hiking down a hillside at the back of our campsite and we able to pick up the trail.  We choose a direction and started walking!

Since Cub World and Camp Crooked Creek (the Boy Scout resident camp on the reservation) are at opposite ends of the camp property, CCC was roughly the half-way point on the trail for us.  Thus, it was our goal to reach that point before stopping for lunch and we easily accomplished it.

We completed the hike by late afternoon and scouts had plenty of time to cook another good dinner in their respective patrols.  We had planned to have a campfire and skits, but many of the younger guys were pretty exhausted from the hiking and wanted to turn in early, so that's what we did.  Everyone got a nice, long night's rest --- something that doesn't always happen on all scout campouts!

One objective for this outing was campfire cooking, so each patrol prepared a cooked breakfast on Sunday morning.  We then struck camp.  One of the scouts thought he had dropped a poncho along the trail yesterday, so we re-hiked a section of the trail in hopes of finding the lost item.  Unfortunately, our search was unsuccessful, but it was still an important exercise and lesson in helpfulness.  The Scout Law is meant to be practiced; not just recited at weekly troop meetings!

Upon completing the search, we paused for a morning worship service before boarding the troop bus and heading back to the Community Center to greet waiting parents.  The weather had been great, everyone ate well, and no one, including any of the visiting Webelos, had any problems keeping up during the hike.  Everyone who went had a good weekend.

Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Canchola toasts a bagel for Saturday morning breaks in the adult patrol. Spencer, Preston, Jon, Adam, and Nick under the dining fly in the Falcon Patrol site.
Tyler, Drew, Conor, Austin, Toby, and Chris in the Cobra Patrol campsite. Drew, Jon, Chris, and Conor follow Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman as we began hiking the Seven Arrows Trail.
Spencer, Tyler, and Conor are followed by Austin, Nick, Jon, Chris, and Mr. Canchola. Senior Patrol Leader Nick followed by Patrol Leader Jon and Troop Quartermaster Chris.
The troop passed through Camp Crooked Creek shortly after noon and stopped there to eat lunch at a picnic table. Second year Webelos Cub Scouts Toby (Pack 868) and Conor (Pack 848) neither had any trouble keeping up with the group.
The group paused to take a short break at the dam after circling Lake Barr.  (The trail doesn't actually cross the dam.)  Everyone was still trekking steadily along mid-afternoon as we neared the point where we had started the trail.
Assistant Scoutmasters Mike Canchola and Jeff Hagerman in the adult patrol campsite on Sunday morning. The Falcon Patrol managed to start their Sunday breakfast fire from the coals of their Saturday evening fire.
The Cobra Patrol enjoyed a Sunday breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Senior Patrol Leader Nick discussed take-down plans with ASPL Adam, Falcon Patrol Leader Jon, and Spencer.
The Falcon Patrol site as they washed their dishes following Sunday morning breakfast. Assistant Scoutmaster Hagerman consults with a scout under the dining fly in the adult campsite.