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(July~December, 2006)

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In April 2006, Shepherdsville Mayor Joe Sohm met with Scoutmaster Bob Meek, Assistant Scoutmaster Chuck Davis, and Troop Committee Member Jeff Brown to discuss the possibility of Troop 868 undertaking a project to remodel and finish the interior of a metal frame building the city had acquired with the intent of using it as a general use Community Center.  The city would pay for materials and the scout troop would provide both project design and labor.

After consulting an architect and preparing some preliminary drawings to better define the project, the Troop Committee unanimously approved the project at their June meeting.  Because of summer resident camp in late June and early July, actual construction work finally began in mid-July with the removal of a temporary staircase, a small storage closet, and a short railing around a second-floor storage area.  An old space heater was removed and two new furnace/air-conditioning units complete with duct work were installed by a troop father who owned an HVAC business.

Framing of a new staircase and erection of full walls to enclose the second floor storage area began in August.  The redesigned staircase ran parallel rather than perpendicular to the second floor storage area in order to preserve maximum floor space in the main hall.  The design also called for creation of a utility closet for brooms & mops, a storage area for tables and/or chairs, and expanded storage on the second floor.

To make the project more manageable, it was divided into 3 phases.  Phase 1 would be the new staircase, framing, drywall, and other work associated with enclosing the existing second floor storage and creating the new storage areas.  Phase 2 would be framing, drywalling, wiring, and insulating the lower part of the walls in the main hall.  Phase 3 would be installing outdoor lighting then insulating and hanging metal sheeting on the upper part of the walls in the main hall.  Each phase would include a considerable amount of painting and finish trim work.

Work proceeded steadily (but not as rapidly as hoped) during August and September.  Fall is a popular time for hiking, camping, and fundraising ... all of which demanded a significant share of troop resources.  After all, the troop program is top priority!  Electrical rough-in and the hanging of drywall on Phase 1 of the project was completed by the end of October along with most of the framing for Phase 2 -- the main hall.  By early November, 100% of the drywall had been hung and painting was ready begin.

Older scouts helped considerably with the initial demolition work and also helped at various points hanging and sanding drywall.  A couple of boys helped install some of the electrical wiring (under close adult supervision).  BSA rules about youth using power tools prevented their full involvement in much of the framing process, so that work fell upon the shoulders of troop dads.  All the scouts were invited to help throughout the project with painting and general clean-up ... around a construction site, there's always plenty of clean-up!

Except for a few minor "punch list" items, both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project were completed by the end of November and materials were on order for Phase 3.  Work was temporarily halted for two weeks in December so as not to interfere with a community food basket program.  Phase 3 was finally completed the week before Christmas.  As 2007 began, only a few minor "punch list" items remained; none of which would prevent full use of the facility.

Our hope is that the remodeled Community Center will be a blessing to the entire community as it becomes available for both public and private events.  It will be an ideal place to hold meetings, banquets, and private parties.  Troop 868 has already signed up to adopt the facility as our new home for weekly troop meetings.

The project began with construction of a new stairway to the second level. Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Guelda was the project leader and chief framer.
Mr. Guelda and Scoutmaster Bob Meek discuss how to proceed with building and installing the first second floor wall. The wall section is then assembled.
And then set in place. Scouts Tim and Stephen helped in numerous ways, including keeping the work area clean.
R-19 insulation was installed before drywall was hung in the main hall.  This was done both for energy efficiency and sound proofing to reduce noise from the outside. Troop Eagle Scout Clinton Vissers helped Mr. Guelda install drywall.
Asst Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman used a high lift to paint around places that couldn't be reached with a roller. Scouts Stephen and Tim applied a primer coat to a difficult to paint storage area under the stairwell.
Troop Advancement Co-Chairman Jeff Brown used a Shop-Vac to suck up dust prior to painting a wall. Asst Scoutmaster Chuck Davis smiled for a photo while painting a wall.

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