Troop 868 in Action

SCOUT-O-RAMA (March, 2003)

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Troop 868 once again participated in the annual Scout-O-Rama exhibition held in the infield of historic Churchill Downs racetrack.  Exhibits by individual scout units are the primary focus of the show.  The majority of these exhibits are staged under giant tents in the center of the infield.  Troops that wish to do so are allowed to camp overnight, but Troop 868 elected just to come out for the day.  The overall theme of this year's show was "Festival of Fun."  Our guys decided to showcase Model Rocketry.  All during the day teams of scouts manned the booth, building actual rockets, and answering lots of questions.  Our exhibit was awarded a blue ribbon.

Alex, Paul, Chris, and Dave were the primary planners for the troop's display and worked the first shift of the day.
Joe (in orange sweatshirt), Aaron (partially hidden in black jacket), and Shane worked an afternoon shift at the troop's display.  Shane explained to a Cub Scout how the rockets are propelled.  Mr. Berger (in red jacket at far right) observed from outside the booth.