Troop 868 in Action

SCOUT-O-RAMA (March, 2008)

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The Lincoln Heritage Council's annual Scout-O-Rama is the longest running scout exhibition in the United States.  Sponsored each year by the Louisville Rotary Club and held in the infield of historic Churchill Downs race track for the past 20 or so years, the show features displays and activities for Scouts of all ages.

Troop 868 has never missed participating in the show.  This year our scouts chose  PIONEERING MERIT BADGE as our booth theme.  Scouts lashed together two tripods to support a "tying log" and helped visitors learn to tie various knots.

Pack 868 had a display in an adjoining booth that featured a table-top marbles game.  The Pack's booth proved to be quite a bit more popular than the troop's booth with the mostly Cub Scout aged crowd.  But both displays won blue ribbons for their respective units.

Tim instructs a Cub Scout.  Chris, Trey, and Gabe are visible in the troop's booth. Chris works with a Webelos Scout as his dad and younger brother wait.
Gabe and Nick talk with a Cub Scout.  Conner is in the background. Trey watches a scout tie a knot as Nick works with another scout and his father.
Gabe points out several of the different sample knots as Conner and Nick observe. Conner works with a Cub Scout.
Trey tries out the Army National Guard climbing tower. Meanwhile, Nick scales the opposite side of the tower.
Yes, folks, those would be the famous twin spires of Churchill Downs in the background. Adam, Nick, Trey, and Tim pose for a (not entirely) serious photo with the Fire Prevention Dog.