Troop 868 in Action

SCOUT-O-RAMA (March 2009)

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The theme of the Troop 868 display at this year's Scout-O-Rama was Leatherworking Merit Badge.  As always, it was chosen by the Patrol Leaders' Council and provided an opportunity for scouts to complete at least some of the merit badge requirements.

Our scouts decided to focus on the lanyard making requirement.  They used a few of our pioneering logs to build a tripod in the center of our display area, then screwed some eye hooks into the cross-members to provide tension on the lanyard as they did the braiding.

Some of the scouts who browsed past were willing to give it a try themselves, but most were content to simply watch.  It was amazing that so few of them had ever seen lanyards being made.  We earned a blue ribbon for our display.

Adam assisted a Webelos Scout that stopped at our booth and wanted to give it a try. Our guys huddled around the tripod busy braiding their individual lanyards.  At left are Nick and Chris; Adam and Cody are on the right; Stephen is wearing the maroon jacket.
Cody is careful to maintain the proper tension on the lanyard as he braids. Adam is totally focused on the project at hand.
That's a new look for Dylan!  We're not sure what it means. Brandon finds kneeling to be a more convenient way to get up close and personal with his work.
Adam, Nick, Dalton, Scoutmaster Bob Meek, and Preston pose with the blue ribbon that had just been awarded. At the end of the day, the scouts who helped with take-down were rewarded with dinner.  (L to R): Dylan, Cody, Spencer, Preston, Chris, Dalton (totally obscured), and Nick.