Troop 868 in Action

Seneca District Spring Camporee (May, 2004)

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Troop 868 accepted an invitation to cross district lines and participated in a spring camporee hosted by Seneca District at Camp Crooked Creek.  Rain moved in just as troops were arriving in camp on Friday evening and continued, almost constantly, until mid-afternoon on Saturday.  This gave scouts a good opportunity to practice setting up camp under less than ideal conditions and made teamwork an essential element of success.  Troop 868 scouts met the challenge.  Tents and dining tarps for three patrols were methodically erected and scouts in ponchos were soon scouring the woods in search of tinder and firewood --- no propane stoves for this group!  Despite the rain, fires were started and evening meals including steak and grilled salmon were successfully prepared.

Saturday's camporee program consisted of sessions on First Aid, Orienteering, and Pioneering.  Each session provided some basic instruction for the benefit of newer scouts followed by exercises designed to give all scouts some practical experience.  Despite continued rain, the day was productive and enjoyable.  The rain finally ended by mid- afternoon and the Saturday night campfire was conducted under dry skies ... well, almost!  Rain returned just as the campfire program was ending.

Fortunately, the rain ended for good overnight and Sunday morning dawned dry.  This allowed our canvas tents and tarps to dry while we attended a campwide worship service in the camp amphitheatre.  The event turned out to be a good outing and a great learning experience.

Cobra Patrol members play cards under the dining fly in their campsite during some free time after lunch on Saturday. During a break in the weather, Patrick found time to do some fishing.  Unfortunately, this one wasn't a keeper!
Scoutmaster Bob Meek taught the program session on Pioneering.  A group of Troop 868 scouts seem anxious to answer one of their Scoutmaster's questions.
Scouts from several troops work together to get some practical pioneering experience building a rope bridge. SPL Tyler has the troop in formation ready to march from our campsite to the Saturday night campfire program.