Troop 868 in Action

CAMP STEM with WEBELOS (Jan, 2006)

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Troop 868 has an annual tradition of inviting area Webelos to go winter cabin camping with the troop in January.  Because Webelos often don't yet have cold weather sleeping bags and other outdoor gear for winter tent camping, the troop always rents a nice heated cabin with electric lights and indoor plumbing.  For some Webelos, this will be their first camping experience and we want it to be a positive one!  Even if the weather outside is cold or wet, they'll have a warm, dry building in which to retreat.

For 2006, the troop rented Kornhauser Lodge at Girl Scout Camp Stem in southern Indiana.  Girl Scout lodges tend to be a lot nicer than Boy Scout cabins!  This one even had separate restroom and shower facilities for youth and adults in addition to a nice kitchen complete with a serving counter.

The troop arrived in camp on Friday evening to get prepared for the Webelos who arrived early Saturday morning.  In addition to simply introducing the Webelos to Boy Scout camping, another weekend objective was to help Webelos complete some of the requirements for their Readyman, Outdoorsman, Citizen, and Traveler activity pins along with several requirements specific to the Arrow of Light award.  Toward that goal, Boy Scouts from the troop conducted several formal classes to benefit the Webelos.

But there was also time for some team-building games, patrol competitions, a Saturday night campfire with skits, and good ol' free time to play around.  Webelos got a chance to cook Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast, participate in flag ceremonies, and experience Sunday morning worship in camp.  And, of course, the whole group took a night hike --- a traditional event on this outing.

Upon the Webelos arrival, they learned how to stand in formation for flag ceremonies. The first class of the day was First Aid taught by SPL Philip.
J.D. instructed the Woods Tools Safety class and is shown here with a Webelos learning to use an axe. Whittling sticks with a pocketknife is always a favorite activity for boys.
Clinton and J.D. conducted a class on Flag Respect that included instruction on color guard duty. Alex, Adam, and Matt taught the Webelos how to set up and take down a Boy Scout canvas wall tent.
A group of Boy Scouts readies some rope for a planned activity. Adam takes a few minutes to complete his last requirement to earn the Pioneering merit badge.
In this game, a blindfolded scout is directed by his teammates to find and pick up colored plastic eggs. Cooking french toast with J.D. on Sunday morning was a favorite activity.
The troop ate "family style" on this particular outing. Dylan washes out the sink after pulling a turn at dish duty.
Patrick had no trouble holding the Webelos' attention during his class on Fire Building. Scouts pause to count-off during the traditional night hike ... wouldn't want to lose anyone in the woods.
Sunday afternoon cleanup had Trey and Tim mopping the floor with Dylan and Adam supervising. Meanwhile, outside, Chris, David, Patrick, and Dylan (on ground) organized a game of kickball.