Troop 868 in Action

Camp Stem Adventure Center (Jan. 12-14, 2001)

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Each year Troop 868 hosts a winter cabin campout and invites Webelos from all our feeder packs to attend and experience a weekend with the troop.  Because we want everyone to have a good time and be comfortable, we always seek out a location that provides a few more "comforts of home" than we typically have on our outings!  The site for this particular trip was Camp Stem, a Girl Scout camp located in Southern Indiana.  (No, there weren't any Girl Scouts present --- we had the whole camp to ourselves.)  The weekend program consisted of hands-on training in basic scout skills --- stuff like hiking safety, cooking, first aid, and how to pitch a tent.  And things that Webelos need to learn to earn their Arrow of Light Award like the parts of the Scout Badge, flag respect, and how to tie the basic knots.  A highlight of the trip was the traditional night hike which followed Saturday night's campfire.

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Members of the PLC are shown meeting with SPL Chris and Scoutmaster Freeman on Friday night to make final preparations for the weekend program prior to the Webelos arrival on Saturday morning. Two T-868 scouts, Shane (eating a brownie) and Sam, are shown with a group of Webelos following a presentation on the parts of the Scout Badge.
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Webelos and younger scouts alike received instruction from Paul on hiking safety.   On Saturday afternoon Dave met with a group of Webelos to help them plan a skit for the campfire program.
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Each day began with the raising of the colors followed by a quick review of the day's program by SPL Chris.
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A scout is Reverent.  Sunday morning's program included a time for worship.   Scoutmaster Freeman delivered a message following and an opening prayer and a Bible reading by other campers.
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Yes, Mom, it's true .... we really were out hiking in the woods at 1 o'clock in the morning!  And here's the
picture to prove it.  Hey, Mr. Meek, do you realize what that flash just did to my night vision?
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Jonathan managed to find some time on Saturday afternoon to work on splicing a rope for Pioneering Merit Badge.  Only Heaven knows what Philip is trying to talk Jeremy into in the photo at right!  Whatever it is, Jeremy doesn't seem very interested.
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Webelos Scout Steve takes a turn wiping the tables after a meal. Committee Chair Guzman looks right at home in the kitchen!