Troop 868 in Action

Troop Merit Badge University (September, 2002)

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A "Merit Badge University" is a Saturday where the troop makes arrangements to use a facility with multiple meeting rooms (such as a local church or school).  Multiple counselors are present so that scouts have a selection of badges from which to choose.  Typically, each class lasts about 4 hours, either all morning or all afternoon.  Classes are small in size and structured so that boys can complete all (or nearly all) requirements in a single day.  While some Scouters may criticize the MBU concept as being merit badge give-aways, the reality is that scouts receive about the same amount of contact time with the instructor as they get at summer camp, but with more direct attention due to smaller class sizes.  Simply showing up is not sufficient, boys are still tested on each requirement and must demonstrate appropriate understanding or mastery of the subject in order to earn a badge.

Dave, Paul, and John all listened and took notes in a class on Aviation Merit Badge.  After the classroom work, they took a field trip to a local airport and were all able to complete the badge in one afternoon.