Troop 868 in Action

TrashMaster's Classic Lakeshore Clean-Up (Sept, 2002)

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Troop 868 returned for the third straight year to camp and assist with the annual "TrashMaster's Classic" lakeshore clean-up at Barren River Lake.  Eleven scouts and three scoutmasters made the outing.  The group camped for the first time at the Bailey's Point Campground and walked to the boat ramp on Saturday morning to report for clean-up duty.  Two of the troop's older scouts assisted with checking in other volunteers.  The troop was then transported by pontoon boat to our assigned section of shoreline on an island.  For the next four hours our scouts scoured the landscape looking for litter.  We collected cans, bottles, old tires, discarded toys and smashed styrofoam coolers ... just about any kind of garbage one can imagine was found, bagged, and then loaded onto boats that transported it to waiting dumpsters and dump trucks.  In the process we found two box turtles and a recently-shed snake skin.  Fortunately, we never found the snake!  On Saturday afternoon, the group went swimming at a public beach.

Aaron, Paul, and Dave on a pontoon boat en route to our troop's assigned section of shoreline. Philip scours the shore as Chris, Paul, and Dave work uphill.
Stephen wades in the shallow muck in his pursuit of floating litter. (Front to Rear) Dave, Paul, Aaron, Chris, and Shane take a break.
Philip displays a rusty propane cylinder that he recovered.  That's Dave in the background. Stephen rolls one of the dozen tires our group found to a pickup spot on the shore.
Patrick and Tim look sweaty and tired on the boat ride back to camp. Stephen and John worked together with Tim (not pictured) to build a fort in the sand.
And here's the finished city, consisting of several castles with interconnecting roads and canals. John doesn't seem to find cooking dinner for the "new scout" patrol to be too much of a strain.
Shane prepares a steak dinner for the Falcon Patrol as Aaron, Patrick, and Florencio observe. Mr. Guzman lends similar support to Mr. Freeman, shown grilling salmon for the adult leaders.
Have tree, will climb!  This adage is proved yet again by Patrick, Shane, John, Florencio, Paul, and Philip. As is Troop 868's tradition, the flag is the last thing to come down before the troop leaves camp.