Troop 868 in Action
Barren River Lakeshore Cleanup
(September, 2006)

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Troop 868 once again ventured south to Barren River Lake to participate in the 19th annual "TrashMasters Classic" lakeshore cleanup day on the 3rd Saturday of September.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers coordinates this event during which hundreds of volunteers, may of them scouts and scout families, recover thousands of pounds of litter and other garbage from the shoreline surrounding the lake.

We camped for the weekend at Rotary Scout Reservation near Glasgow and drove over to the boat dock at Barren River State Resort Park early Saturday morning.  We divided our group into three crews.  Two crews boarded pontoon boats and were ferried to different sections of the lakeshore where they picked up trash and debris for about 3 hours.  The third crew, consisting of two scouts and two adult leaders, spent the morning erecting canopies for the lunch and beach party that is always conducted as a means to say "Thank You" to all the volunteer trashmasters.  Troop 868 adult leaders also pitched in to help serve the lunch that was cooked by the kitchen staff of the State Resort Park.

No one from our group won any of the dozens of prizes that were given out, but scouts still had a great time swimming and playing on the sand beach for a large part of the afternoon.  After the activities were over, Troop 868 provided the majority of the manpower required to take everything back down.  As the saying goes, "Many hands make the load light."

Back at Camp Rotary, older scouts helped new scouts with various advancement requirements and one scout managed to finish up a partial merit badge from summer camp.  Two of our Life Scouts made progress toward getting lined out on their Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects.  Things ran so smoothly that 3 of the adult leaders were able to take time to go fishing in the camp's lake! 

As is usual practice for Troop 868, the unit operated on the "patrol method" throughout the weekend with scouts camping, cooking, and functioning by patrols.  The troop gathered for an in-camp worship service at the camp's council ring on Sunday morning before fixing lunch and breaking camp.  Take-down went smoothly and more quickly than expected, so scouts had extra time to spend working on advancement before departing camp for the drive back to Shepherdsville.

T-868 scouts in formation receiving some instructions from SPL Patrick and Scoutmaster Meek early Saturday morning before heading to the lake. At the state park boat ramp, scouts waited to board pontoon boats to be ferried to their drop point along the lakeshore.
A group of enthusiastic "trashmasters" on board their shuttle. Trey looks ready to get started, but John looks like he could have slept a bit longer.
Bags of trash were brought back to the dock and loaded into a waiting garbage truck. These scouts from crew #1 occupied themselves skipping rocks while waiting for crew #2 to return.
After lunch, it was time to hit the beach. Dylan and Jeremy fought a losing battle with incoming waves in their quest to construct a canal.
Michael and John worked on what appears to be a volcano. Jonathan and Connor preferred the warm water of Barren River Lake.
Connor didn't want to get out when it was time to go, but senior scouts Tim and Alex seemed quite capable of dealing with the situation. Back at Camp Rotary, ASM Chuck Davis surveyed activities from the adult campsite.
In the Cobra Patrol campsite, Stephen, Jonathan, Chris, and Matt all watched the cooking fire burn. In the Falcon Patrol, Quartermaster Philip seemed to have everyone interested in whatever he was doing.
Dylan finally got around to weaving the last basket he had to make to finish Basketry Merit Badge. Assistant Scoutmasters Tom Guelda and Chuck Davis pulled a turn at dish duty in the adult campsite.
ASMs Guelda and Davis sat with scouts during the Sunday morning worship service. Chaplain Aide Jonathan read a passage from the Bible.
The camp's Council Ring became an outdoor chapel.  Scoutmaster Meek chatted with scouts about advancement requirements before the troop departed Camp Rotary for the drive back to Shepherdsville.