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Troop 868 has participated in the annual lakeshore cleanup day at Barren River Lake for many years.  This year the troop made arrangements to camp in the public campground at Bailey's Point.  A group of twenty troop scouts and adults reported for duty at the Bailey's Point boat ramp promptly at 8 AM Saturday morning.  Two members of our group volunteered to run the registration table; everyone else boarded pontoon boats and were dispersed to various sections of the shoreline.  As a group we collected 17 tires and several dozen bags filled to overflowing with bottles, cans, styrofoam in various forms, and other assorted trash.

After arriving back at the dock and unloading our collected trash from the pontoon boats, we took the troop bus to the nearby state park for a "beach party" lunch and an afternoon of playing in the sand.  Four people from our group won door prizes worth a total value of around $175.  Scouts played Frisbee, buried each other in the sand, built a giant volcano, and swam.

Scouts walked from our campsite to the Bailey's Point boat ramp early Saturday morning. After registering to help with the clean-up, scouts waited for a pontoon boat to shuttle them across the lake.
Soon the first group of scouts were on their way! Stephen watches as Connor emerges from an unplanned swim after losing control of a large block of styrofoam.
Scouts pluck trash from among sticks in an alcove where a large amount of trash had accumulated. Chase deciding that sliding was the best way to get down one rather steep bank ... it was definitely a wise decision.
Jon, ASM Guzman, Cody, and Cory worked together in one area. Jon paused to accept a phone call.  What a slacker!
Back at the dock, Jon was the last one off as the boat crew tossed bags of trash the scouts had collected onto the bank. Troop 868 scouts posed for a photo atop the stack of tires they had found and retrieved.
(Front to back) Trey, Connor, and Jon engaged in a game of Frisbee on the beach after lunch. Where there are boys and water, swimming is a given.

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