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Troop 868 has participated in the annual "Trashmasters Classic" lakeshore cleanup day at Barren River Lake for many years.  Typically held on the third weekend of September, volunteer "trashmasters" are shuttled by pontoon boats to various drop points around the lakeshore where they proceed to pick up litter for several hours.  Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts make up a significant percentage of the volunteer work force.

Troop 868 scouts had to roll out of bed early Saturday morning in order to make the 2 hour bus ride from Shepherdsville to the Bailey's Point boat ramp and be ready to board the pontoon boats by 8 AM.  Over the next 4 hours, our guys filled nearly three dozen large trash bags with cans, bottles, plastic, and an assortment of different kinds of litter that floated ashore after boaters threw it overboard or picnickers had left behind.  Our crew also found and recovered two old tires!  As a total group, some 300 volunteer "trashmasters" collected more than 1,000 bags of trash.  Just at Bailey's Point, the collected litter filled a garbage truck and two dump trucks!

Picking up litter really drives home the point to scouts about the value of "leave no trace" camping principles.  They get to see first-hand the cumulative effect of multiple people leaving behind or tossing overboard "just one or two" items.  It adds up to a big mess for somebody else to eventually clean up.

As usual, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Kentucky State Resort Park hosted a beach party, feed everyone a great lunch, and gave away a bunch of nice door prizes.  Unfortunately, no one from Troop 868 won any door prizes this year --- but that wasn't why we came.  The weather was great and it was a great opportunity for the boys to perform a valuable community service.

(L to R back row) Mr. Canchola, Gabe, Drew, Gabriel, Nick, Jon, and Connor.  (Front row) Preston, Kraig, Cody, DJ, Cody, Matthew, Chase, Adam, Tyler, and Spencer. Chase, Jon, Nick, and company gather at the shoreline after cleaning their assigned area and entertain themselves by skipping rocks on the water while waiting for a pontoon boat. 
Preston "guards" a pile of collected litter than included an old tire. Jon, Tyler, and Adam all look tired during the boat ride back to the ramp.
Chase has his head turned, but Preston and Mr. Hagerman look a lot more energetic.  We're not sure whether these two got more sleep the night before or just hadn't worked as hard? Our other crew was assigned to section of shoreline that had a lot more trash as evidenced by the many stuffed garbage bags.  Drew and Gabriel wave from the back of the boat.
Preston, Adam, Nick, and Jon perch on a railing at the boat ramp while awaiting the arrival of our other crew. Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Jon Fillingham had the fun job of loading the bags of trash onto a dump truck.