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(September 2010)

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One of the ways that Troop 868 scouts render community service is by participating in the lakeshore cleanup day at Barren River Lake.  This annual event is known as the  "Trashmasters' Classic" because several hundred volunteer "trashmasters" show up each year to contribute a Saturday morning to walking the shoreline around the lake and picking up all kinds of litter.

Of course, the trash they bag up and haul away isn't all casual litter.  In addition to the expected stuff like soft drink cans and bottles, old motor oil containers, and a fair amount of styrofoam, the volunteers also recover dozens of old tires, discarded bar-b-que grills, old propane tanks, light bulbs (thrown overboard from houseboats?), fishing gear that got away, lots of broken plastic toys, an amazing assortment of shoes, miscellaneous clothing, and just about anything else one can imagine!

The scouts and other volunteers are divided into teams of 8~12 and ferried to various drop points around the lake by pontoon boats.  Each team spends about 3 hours walking their assigned section of lakeshore picking up trash before a boat returns to pick them up along with whatever trash they've collected.  In 2010, roughly 400 volunteers collected over 20 tons of garbage that filled 7 dump trucks!

At noon, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Barren River State Resort Park co-host a beach party at the state park beach that includes a traditional picnic lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, and soft drinks.  They have live music and dozens of door prizes are given away to lucky ticket holders.  One of our scouts won a U.S. Savings Bond and some kind of lawn game.  One of the Cub Scouts in Pack 868 won a set of FRS radios.  But even those who didn't win any prizes had a nice lunch and enjoyed an opportunity to play in the sand for a couple of hours before we headed back to our campsite. 

Saturday morning began early with a flag raising ceremony.  Drew and Chase performed color guard duty.  The Cub Scouts from Pack 868 had come to our campsite and joined us. As part of our group was ferried to their assigned section of shoreline, they passed another group of our scouts already at work picking up trash.
Park Ranger Jon Fillingham smiles as Scoutmaster Bob Meek arrives with an entire boatload of trash collected from various drop points around the lake. One of the boats bringing back one of our crews and part of the garbage they had picked up.  Wearing PFDs are Cub Scout Thomas and Boy Scouts Connor and Adam.
This is just one of several dump trucks that were filled to overflowing with the collected garbage. At the beach party, Conor operates the shower to help a sandy Cub Scout get rinsed off.
What would a beach party be without either football or volleyball?  This year it was football as our guys joined in with Boy Scouts from other units to choose up sides and play a friendly game.
Every year, somebody gets buried in the sand.  This year that someone was Kraig, whose nose and mouth are the only body parts not covered.  Even Scoutmaster Meek joined in the fun. Of course, some people just can't resist teasing a man buried in the sand!  Drew is seen here gently pinching Kraig's nose.  Kraig was a good sport and a willing participant throughout the ordeal.
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