Troop 868 in Action
Lakeshore Cleanup at Barren River Lake
(September 16~18, 2011)

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Camping at the Bailey's Point campground and participating in the Lakeshore Cleanup at Barren River Lake has become an annual event for Troop 868.  The troop sets up camp on Friday night in a large field near the public boat ramp.  On Saturday morning, scouts and leaders board pontoon boats to be shuttled across the lake and given an assigned stretch of shoreline to scour for anything that didn't grow there naturally.  All manner of trash is typically found.  This particular year our troop won an award for finding and bringing back the most unusual piece of trash -- a rusty old horse-drawn iron cultivator that weighed over 100 pounds!  It took several scouts to carry it and load it onto the boat to be hauled back to dock where it could be added to an impressive collection of garbage that filled several dump trucks.

After picking up trash for several hours, the group headed to the swimming beach at Barren River State Resort Park to enjoy a nice lunch provided by the State Park and to play around in the sand.  Then we headed back to our campsite at the Bailey's Point Campground.

SPL Dylan and several parents from Pack 868 helped unload the collected trash from boats and toss it into waiting dump trucks. Mr. Hagerman arrives back at the dock with a group of scouts and a full load of trash.
Another crew of "trashmasters" arrives back at the dock with their morning collection. Brixton, Tristan, Preston, Toby, and Tyler enjoying lunch at the state park after a morning of picking up trash.
Tristan, Austin, and Thomas played in the sand at the beach. Somehow, Troop 868 managed to be in front when all the volunteer "trashmasters" gathered for a group photo.
Noah, Austin, and Tyler in the Cobra Patrol's campsite back at Bailey's Point. Mr. Hagerman found a comfortable chair in the adult campsite.
Toby and Brixton in the Beaver Patrol campsite. Tristan, Spencer, Dylan, and Sean in the Falcon Patrol campsite.

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