Troop 868 in Action
Lakeshore Cleanup at Barren River Lake
(September 16~18, 2011)

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Back at our campsite, the primary activity for Saturday afternoon was the erection of a rope bridge as a project for the the Pioneering Merit Badge.  The entire troop got involved with older scouts teaching the younger guys how to do the required lashings.

Noah, Drew, Preston, and Nicholas work on lashing together one set of supports for the rope bridge. Dylan worked to untangle then lay out the large ropes used for the bridge.
Scouts admire their work after one of the lashings on one of the supports have been completed. Mr. Hagerman observed as Dylan held a rod of ribar and Mr. Baird pounded it into the ground with a sledge hammer.
Drew works to pull one of the "handrail" ropes tight. There's something about construction that makes everyone want to gather around.
Andrew and Drew worked to finish a cross lashing on the other support. Kraig was the first to give it a try.
Nicholas prepared to make a crossing attempt. Brixton's strategy was to keep low.  Spencer, Tyler, Noah, and Kraig stood ready to catch him.
Adam, wearing his pirate cape, attempted a crossing. Sean looked rather sure-footed.
Thomas found time to fashion himself a tomahawk. Later in the afternoon, Adam built himself a shelter in which to spend the night and complete Wilderness Survival merit badge.

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