Troop 868 in Action


(Friday~Sunday, September 14~16, 2012)
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The annual lakeshore clean-up at Barren River Lake is a traditional September event for our troop.  We've been participating in this event for at least a dozen years.  In addition to providing a great place to camp, it also provides scouts with a community service opportunity.  The "Trashmasters' Classic" event takes all of Saturday morning and about half the afternoon.  Scouts gather at the boat ramp where they board pontoon boats to be shuttled around the lake to be dropped off to pickup litter along an assigned section of shoreline.  The boats come back to pickup the workers and the collected trash shortly before noon.  We then go by bus to the beach at the nearby state resort park for lunch and a "beach party" that includes drawings for door prizes.  This year, Troop 868 and our associated Cub Scout Pack 868 were presented with a nice placque for bringing the largest number of workers.  A Cub Scout from Pack 868 was also fortune to win the grand prize --- a brand new kayak!

The rest of the weekend was spent working on scout advancement and great progress toward their next rank advancement was achieved by several scouts.  On Saturday night we conducted a joint campfire with Cub Scout Pack 868, Boy Scout Troop 868 from Smith's Grove, Kentucky, and Girl Scout Troop 1347 from Louisville.  All of these units had participated in the lakeshore clean-up that morning.

A light but steady rain on Sunday morning put a damper on the end of the weekend and caused us to come home with a truckload of wet canvas tents.  It happens!  But the weekend was still a resounding success.

Cub Scouts from Pack 868 and Girl Scouts from GS Troop 1347 joined us in our campsite for Saturday morning flag raising before everyone walked to the boat ramp for trash pickup duty. At the boat dock, Pack 868 Cub Scouts, leaders, and parents lined up to board pontoon boats.
Pack 868 Webelos Cub Scout Ronnie whittled a stick as he waited for a pontoon boat to arrive to transport him and some buddies across the lake. Pack 868 Den Leader Vicki Dever with a crew of scouts that included Cub Scout T.J., Webelos Scout Ronnie, and Den Chief Andrew.
After completing their assigned trash pickup duties, scouts from Troop 868 hung around at the boat ramp to help unload trash from other boats at they returned with their crews of "Trashmasters." Tyler laughs as Gavin tries to display a folding chair that collapsed when he tried to sit in it just moments before.  Things wear out and break.
Cub Scouts from Pack 868 did some archery in an open field near their campsite on Saturday afternoon. During the Beaver Patrol's skit at Saturday night's campfire, Nicholas and Brixton demonstrated how to cook "a piece of meat" in a large oven.
Four Boy Scouts from Troop 600 (Smith's Grove, Kentucky) performed a skit about a submarine crew. SPL Connor planned the program and served as Master of Ceremonies.
Our campfire program ended with a flag retirement ceremony.  Several Troop 868 scouts had parts to read and everyone present had an opportunity to participate. Zach and Alex performed color guard duty as SPL Connor presided.  Striking the colors is traditionally the last thing we do before leaving camp.