Troop 868 in Action
Trashmaster's Classic
Annual Barren River Lakeshore Cleanup

(Friday~Sunday, September 20~22, 2013)

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Participating in the lakeshore cleanup at Barren River Lake has been an annual event for Troop 868 for many years.  The cleanup is sponsored by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Hundreds of volunteer litter pickers (dubbed "trashmasters") show up at the various boat ramps to board pontoon boats and be shuttled to various drop points around the perimeter of the lake where they spent about 3 hours scouring the shoreline picking up anything that has either floated ashore or been dumped.  Busted styrofoam, empty motor oil containers, and miscellaneous plastic items are the most common items found.  It seems there are always several dozen tires recovered each year, a fair quantity of glass bottles, and some fishing tackle.  The assortment really doesn't change that much from year to year and the quantity of little picked up is always amazing.  Scout groups make up a significant percentage of the volunteer labor force.

Troop 868 camped again this year at the Bailey's Point campground in our usual campsites near the boat ramp.  We participated in the lakeshore cleanup on Saturday morning then spent Saturday afternoon building a rope bridge and working on other scout advancements.  On Saturday evening we hosted a campfire program and invited the Cub Scouts from Pack 868 to participate with us.  (The Pack also attended the lakeshore cleanup and camped at the Bailey's Point in another area of the campground.)  The campfire program included a flag retirement ceremony.

On Sunday morning we gathered for worship and Cub Scouts from Pack 868 also joined us for that activity.  Following the worship service, we let the Cub Scouts play on our rope bridge before it was time for both groups to break camp and get packed up for the trip home.

Assistant Scoutmaster James Poyner looks a tire some of the Boy Scouts found and rolled to the beach. L to R: Tyler, Alex, Zach, Ronnie, Andrew, Trevor, and Preston on a pontoon boat riding back to the dock.
Andrew held a box turtle the Scoutmaster Meek had found while picking up trash.  The scouts took it back to camp to show to the Cub Scouts then let it go in the woods. Back at the dock, the scouts heaved their trash bags into the back of a waiting dump truck.
The boys needed some help driving pieces of steel rebar into the ground to anchor the rope bridge.  This lead Assistant Scoutmasters James Poyner and Martin Moore to form a pile driving tag team. At the campfire program on Saturday night, campfire emcee Nicholas led a group of fellow scouts in setting an appropriate mood for the flag retirement ceremony.
Three scouts decided to spend Saturday night sleeping in a tree at the edge of our campsite.  Adam fashioned a roof over his head in case of rain. Sleeping across on another branch was Nicholas who lashed himself firmly lest he roll over in his sleep during the night.
On Sunday after the worship service, the Boy Scouts spotted the Cub Scouts who wanted to cross their rope bridge.  Nearly all the Cubs attempted a crossing and all of them made it successfully all the way.
Assistant Scoutmaster Martin Moore was among the last to cross the bridge before it was time to take it down on Sunday afternoon. Getting the steel rebar out of the ground was as much of a challenge as getting it into the ground.  Assistant Scoutmaster James Poyner helped the scouts use a log pole as a lever to pry a piece of ribar.