Troop 868 in Action


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A few days before school started back in session, the troop received a request from the principal at Shepherdsville Elementary School to trim the lower branches from a grove of trees on the school campus so that the guys who mow the lawn could drive under them and cut the grass all way up to the base of the trunks.  We figured that with virtually the whole troop to help, this project could be knocked out during a weekly troop meeting rather than disrupt valuable Saturday time ... so that's exactly what we did!

Community Service (aka tree trimming) became the planned program for our next weekly troop meeting.  Following our usual opening exercises at the Community Center, scouts boarded the troop bus for a short drive to the school campus and immediately set to work.  Several troop fathers had brought power saws and ladders.  As the dads cut the limbs, the scouts dragged them to an area beside the driveway and heaped them into several large brush piles that would be picked up by the city and/or county works departments. 

While they were at it, the scouts picked up any litter they encountered as well as large pieces of already downed wood that would be too big for a bush hog to mow over.  The job was completed in about 90 minutes and the group returned to the Community Center for closing ceremonies.  It wasn't a typical weekly troop meeting, but most of the scouts enjoyed it. 

Mike DiEnno whacks away with a chain saw. Gabe drags a dead limb out of the woods.
Chris hustles with branches in both hands. Mr. Brown balances himself on a ladder while cutting some higher branches.
John and Stephen drag out a load of branches. Nick struggles with the weight of two huge logs.