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Scenes From Various Weekly Troop Meetings

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Weekly troop meetings are used to teach and practice basic scout skills, work on merit badges, and prepare for weekend outings.  Meeting programs are planned by the Patrol Leader's Council and usually led by the more senior scouts.  When weather permits, the troop is often outdoors for at least part of the meeting.

Senior Patrol Leader Tyler presides over opening exercises that include pledging allegiance to the American flag and reciting the Scout Oath. 
This meeting featured practice setting up the troop's canvas wall tents.  Paul and Alex are shown adjusting one of the upright poles.
At this meeting, Eagle Scout Chris instructs as Scouts Eddie and Alex demonstrate the proper way to fold an American flag for visiting Webelos scout (and future Troop 868 member) Matt.
Weekly troop meetings often include games such as Steal the Bacon.  Eagle Scout Dave is officiating this particular contest as John tries to snatch the "bacon" from Tim.
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (and Eagle Scout) Paul uses the Scout Sign to signal for his fellow scouts to pay attention so he can begin a presentation.  Troop 868's emphasis on wearing the Scout Uniform is obvious.
Scoutmaster Bob Meek and Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman talk with Troop Treasurer Denise Guelda following a weekly troop meeting. 
At this summer meeting, David teaches axe safety during a Tote'n Chip class.   wpeC.gif (229780 bytes)
(Standing L to R)  Philip, Tim, Dave, James, Paul, Tyler, Joe, and Chris wait as Stephen prepares to launch the model rocket he built to fulfill a requirement for the Space Exploration merit badge.
Mr. Guzman gives a short talk on camp sanitation and dishwashing procedure following a patrol box inspection that turned up some deficiencies in this area.
Members of the Cobra Patrol plan their menus for an upcoming campout.  With a bit of experience, Scouts can and do plan good, balanced meals.  Like their leaders, Troop 868 scouts generally eat pretty well on troop outings.
Scouts gather around a table to discuss what they liked -- and disliked -- about a recent troop activity.  Reflections such as this are held after every troop outing and major event to cite examples of teamwork and cooperation; and to consider things that need to be improved upon.
Scouts take turns practicing golf putts during a summer meeting while the troop was working on the Golf Merit Badge.  
The tables and chairs at this meeting are arranged like a courtroom because scouts are conducting a moot court in fulfillment of one requirement for the Law Merit Badge.  Mr. McClure is the judge and troop treasurer Mrs. Guelda is on the witness stand being questioned by prosecuting attorney Stephen.  Defense attorneys Philip and Tim are seated at right; Asst Scoutmaster Guzman is the bailiff and the jury is seated to his left.
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