Troop 868 in Action
(Thursday, December 26, 2013)

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During the week between Christmas and New Year, it's a troop tradition for the scouts to get together and do something fun --- something purely for entertainment and enjoyment with no relationship to any kind of scout advancement.  The activity chosen this year was an evening playing video games.  Scouts brought their TVs, game systems, controllers, and a host snacks to transform the Community Center into a game arcade from 4 PM until midnight on the day after Christmas.  One of the older scouts coordinated the entire event and the Troop provided pizza.  Several of the boys had wanted to have an all night "lock in," but by midnight, nearly all the boys were played out and ready to pack up and go home.

(L to R):  Eli, Nicholas, and Gavin. Gavin, Nicholas, Dennis, and Eli.
(L to R):  Adam, Noah S., Dawson, Brixton, and Noah C. Noah and Brixton completely absorbed in a game.
Jacob, Matthew, Micah, Kenneth, and Dawson at games along one wall; a sister, Adam, Preston, and Andrew at a game along the far wall. Alex (in the rocking chair), Martin, Preston, and Thomas.
Game stations set up around the room.  A few scouts stayed put all night but most moved around and played different games with different people. Adam, Noah S., and Preston chowed down some pizza as they played.