Troop 868 in Action

U.S. Air Force Museum (June, 2001)

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Troop 868 last visited Dayton, Ohio and the U.S.A.F. Museum in May, 1999.  But the group enjoyed that trip so much the Patrol Leaders' Council voted to make a return visit to both the Museum and to nearby Boy Scout Camp Cricket Holler.

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Thanks to the courtesy of another museum visitor who snapped this photo, our entire group is pictured ascending the steps of a Boeing 707 officially named SAM26000, but more commonly called "Air Force One" during the Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Nixon, Reagan, and George Bush, Sr. presidencies.  This is the aircraft that carried President Kennedy to Dallas, the plane where President Johnson was sworn in, and the plane which carried Johnson and JFK's body back to Washington, DC.
Pictured (L to R) are:  Mr. Meek, Dave, Tim, Patrick, Mr. Freeman, Shane, Chris, Ben, James, and Alex.

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Exhibits traced the history of flying from hot air balloons and early "flying machines" up through space travel.  Above right is an F-15 retired from service with the Thunderbirds precision flying team. Behind (and above) the jet fighter is a B-52 bomber.  Barely visible under the wing of the B-52 is a Sabre, the United States' first jet fighter that was developed to match the Soviet MiG planes of the Korean Conflict and early Cold War years.

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Above left is an SR-71 "Blackbird" high altitude, supersonic reconnaisance plane.  This plane was highly classified for many years.  At right (parked on the flight line outside the Museum) is an infamous "Wart Hog" ground support tank killer.  These planes were decommissioned then reactivated for service in Operation Desert Storm.  Behind the Wart Hog is an early prototype of the B-1 bomber.

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Ben, Tim, and James posed in front of a MiG fighter.  At right is a transport plane --- note the size of the people compared to the aircraft.

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In the Experimental Aircraft & Test Flight Hangar, Ben and Tim pose in front of a prototype plane which was a forerunner of the SR-71.  Back in camp on Saturday evening, Patrick takes a turn cooking. 

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Above left, the guys pose for a photo before their evening meal.  Seated around the table are James (making a face), Ben, Shane, Dave, Tim, Alex, Chris, and Patrick.   Above right, our most senior scouts make a final check of their camping area prior to departure on Sunday morning.  Pictured are Dave, Chris (in front), James, and Alex (holding the broom).