Troop 868 in Action

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (October, 2003)

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Troop 868 ventured north to Dayton, Ohio to visit the USAF Museum and camp at nearby Boy Scout Camp Cricket Holler.  After the trip was planned, the father of one of our scouts (who just happens to proudly serve in the Air Force Reserves) was activated.  This created a rare opportunity for the troop to visit the base, tour some base facilities, and explore some active duty aircraft.  Our sincere thanks to MSgt. Jim Smith and the 445th Air Force Reserves Medical Evac Wing for all the hospitality extended to our unit.

On the flight line at WPAFB, the group prepares to tour an active duty medical evacuation aircraft. In the cockpit we know this flight is in trouble with MSgt. Smith and Tyler as pilot and co-pilot. 
Trey checks out a parachute harness in a training room at WPAFB.  Patrick helps zip Tim into a life support wet suit for pilots who go down in open water.
Patrick cooks hamburgers for Saturday dinner as Joe (seated) and Trey (at far right) supervise. Sunday morning reveille comes a bit too early for Tim and Stephen.
That would be Stephen at the controls of an F4 Phantom jet fighter on display at the USAF Museum. Stephen and Trey in front of a rescue helicopter.
Trey and Tim discover an interesting log building at Camp Cricket Holler while doing some orienteering.