Troop 868 in Action

AIR FORCE MUSEUM (March, 2007)

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Troop 868 last ventured north to Dayton, Ohio to visit the USAF Museum and camp at nearby Boy Scout Camp Cricket Holler back in October 2003.  Since that visit, a new hangar had been opened and many of the aircraft and missiles formerly displayed outside had been moved indoors.  New exhibits about rocketry and space exploration had also been added.  With so much else to see, the troop skipped the IMAX theatre on this visit.

We arrived at Camp Cricket Holler (about 15 minutes from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) about 11 PM Friday night and quickly got settled into our assigned campsite.  As always, the ranger and campmaster at Cricket Holler were helpful and friendly.

We departed camp immediately after breakfast on Saturday morning in order to spend as much time at the Air Force Museum as possible.  We headed back to camp to fix dinner when the museum closed at 5:00 PM.

Sunday morning we broke camp, loaded the bus, and headed back toward the museum with hopes of touring the hangars where the experimental and presidential aircraft are housed.  We stopped along the way to attend Sunday morning worship service at a local Methodist church.  Unfortunately, the hangars we had hoped to visit were closed due to a small fire that had occurred overnight in an adjoining hangar --- base security had closed the area to visitors.  So, as "Plan B" we chose to go visit the Wright Brothers Memorial atop Tate Hill near the Huffman Prairie Flying Field where the Wright Brothers tested their new aircraft and established the first pilot training school in the United States.  This turned out to be one of the best parts of our weekend, because the National Park Service had a flight simulator and all the scouts got to try piloting an early model Wright Military Flyer.  The boys also got to see a short movie.

The troop stopped for a mid-day feast at a buffet restaurant during the 4-hour drive home that was further delayed by a major traffic jam resulting from a bad accident on the interstate.  We eventually arrived back in Shepherdsville tired, but well-fed.

In the lobby of the Air Force Museum, scouts encountered museum volunteers demonstrating physics principles. In a massive museum filled with historic airplanes, Jonathan, Philip, and Nick found the gift shop more interesting! 
Gabe examined a capsule used in the 1960s for high altitude experiments as a prelude to space flight. Though clear and dry during our visit, it had rained heavily earlier in the week and firewood required a bit of drying out.
Dylan pauses to read one of the markers at the Wright Brothers Memorial. The hit of the weekend was obviously the flight simulator at the Wright Brothers Memorial.
Tim looks mad and Stephen has his eyes shut --- something tells us they're about to plow headfirst into the ground? Nick and Jonathan appear to be having a more successful flight.