Troop 868 in Action
(August 12~14, 2011)

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For many years, the troop's August outing was a trip to the annual Barren River Scout Celebration at Barren River Lake.  Over the past couple of years, that event transformed from an event primarily for Boy Scouts into an event primarily for Cub Scouts and younger Girl Scouts.  So our PLC decided to go in a different direction this year and planned a trip to Dayton, Ohio to visit the U.S. Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and camp at Camp Cricket Holler.

Cricket Holler is an older Boy Scout camp that is too small to continue to host Boy Scout summer resident camping.  Thus, the camp is now used primarily for Cub Scout day camping, adult leader training, and weekend unit camping.  Being only a few miles from the Air Force base, it's an ideal place to stay when visiting the Air Force Museum.

Mr. Meek gave some instructions to scouts after morning flag raising before we headed to the Air Force Museum. We arrived at the Museum when it opened and had a long walk from the bus parking area at the back of the parking lot.
Inside the lobby, scouts gathered to look at a scale model of an A-10 "Warthog" tank killer.  Most displays were real planes. Dylan, Nick, and Adam looked at display of a World War II fighter plane.
Bockscar is one of only two airplanes in the world that have dropped atomic bombs in war.  Troop 868 scouts walk through one of the massive hangars where all kinds of planes are on display.
This is the Apollo 15 command module.  It flew 3 American astronauts to the moon and back. Brixton posing for a photo in front of a helicopter.
Nicholas and Tyler flying planes on flight simulators.  Scouts Tristan and Brixton wait for their turns. Chase and Spencer walk through the bomb bay of a bomber.
Brixton in the cockpit of a fighter jet training simulator. Mr. Meek explaining about ICBMs to scouts Tristan and Tyler.