Troop 868 in Action

White Mills Christian Camp (January, 2002)

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Troop 868 hosted their 2002 winter cabin campout for Webelos from all Shepherdsville area Cub Scout Packs at White Mills Christian Camp.  The troop moved in on Friday evening to check out the facilities and prepare for the Webelos who didn't arrive until early Saturday morning.  After dividing the Webelos into patrols and assigning them a Troop Guide for the weekend, the Boy Scouts conducted classes in firemanship, knot tying, hiking safety, flag respect, tent pitching, woods tools safety, first aid, and the parts of the Scout Badge.  All of these classes were designed to satisfy advancement requirements to help the Webelos earn their Arrow of Light Award.

The Webelos did everything the Boy Scouts did --- from cooking to cleanup.  Being indoors in quarters considered "plush" by normal Boy Scout standards guaranteed the Webelos would be warm, dry, and have a great first experience with winter camping.  And cooking for a big group in an industrial kitchen was a good experience for older Scouts, too.  As the boys learned, it's a lot different than cooking for 8 over a campfire!

Naturally, the troop conducted it's traditional January "night hike" which ended with a campfire ceremony at the camp's council ring.   Webelos and Boy Scouts alike had a great weekend.  And Troop 868 is looking forward to having these Cubs crossover into our unit.

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Webelos Tim and Jesse learn the parts of the Scout Badge on Saturday morning.. Webelos Thomas, Shane, and Casey seem to be enjoying a class in Hiking Safety.  Guides Jeff and Tyler stick with their patrol.
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Jesse and Tim wolf down a lunch of grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. Casey doesn't seem to have any complaints about the food, either!
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Troop 868 likes to eat well.  Scoutmaster Freeman lends a hand as Webelos serve a Saturday evening meal consisting of turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings. Webelos and Boy Scouts sit together at dinner; just as they worked together all weekend.  No "Cub Scouts" and "Boy Scouts" here --- just Scouts!
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Not much conversation at this table.  Either these guys are hungry or the food is GREAT!  (Hopefully, both!) One of two blazing campfires welcomes campers into the council ring after the night hike.
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Scouts and Webelos perform a skit called "The Ghost of Midnight." Another group of Webelos and their guide prepare to perform their skit.
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Cheermaster Chris leads the group in the obligatory "Trash Can Cheer" following one performance. Following Sunday morning worship, SPL Dave outlines the plan for clean up and breaking camp.