Troop 868 in Action

Webelos Winter Campout @ White Mills (January, 2003)

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For the annual winter cabin campout with area Webelos, Troop 868 returned to White Mills Christian Camp.  Eight Webelos from three different Cub Scout Packs attended and experienced Boy Scout camping Troop 868 style!  The troop moved in on Friday evening to prepare for the Webelos arrival early Saturday morning.  After dividing the Webelos into patrols and assigning them a Troop Guide for the weekend, the Boy Scouts conducted classes in knot tying, hiking safety, flag respect, tent pitching, woods tools safety, first aid, and the parts of the Scout Badge.  All of these classes were designed to satisfy various advancement requirements to help the Webelos earn their Arrow of Light Award, as well as to introduce them to the Boy Scout model of older, more experienced Scouts teaching new, less experienced Scouts.  The entire weekend program was run by the Boy Scouts.

The Webelos lived with their assigned Boy Scout patrol, and took part in everything their patrol did, including help with cooking and cleanup.  Being indoors in quarters considered "plush" by normal Boy Scout standards guaranteed the Webelos would be warm, dry, and have a great first experience with winter camping.  And cooking for a big group in an industrial kitchen was a good experience for older Scouts, too.  As the boys learned, it's a lot different than cooking for 8 over a campfire!

Despite being one of the coldest nights of the winter, the troop conducted the customary January "night hike" which ended with a blazing campfire followed by a traditional cracker barrel.   Webelos and Boy Scouts alike had a great weekend.  Troop 868 hopes all these guys will decide to join our unit when the time comes to crossover from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting.

Eagle Scout Paul conducts a class on hike preparation and safety. Webelos scouts Dylan, Matt, and Chris take notes in a class on the parts of the Scout Badge.
Aaron has Matt, Trey, Dylan, and Chris learning to tie the taut line hitch. Scoutmaster Freeman asks, "Uhhh, Aaron ... could you show me that knot again?"
With Boy Scout help, the Webelos all got a chance to cook.  Orion and Jeremy are fascinated by the big industrial can opener as Aaron mixes tomato soup. Chief Saturday lunch cook Patrick shows Jeremy and Damon how to flip grilled cheese sandwiches.  Orion watches as he stirs the soup.
As the hungry natives prepare to charge the kitchen, Eagle Scout Paul blocks the door and declares, "Nobody eats until we pray." Tim and John manage to be first and second in line, respectively, as Orion, Aaron, Patrick, and Jeremy serve the Saturday noon meal.
Eagle Scout Chris checks the gear as he prepares to instruct the Webelos in how to pitch a canvas tent. A short while later, the tent is up.  Not a bad job for 4 Webelos working in snow and 12o F temperature!
Assistant Scoutmaster Guzman seems to be enjoying the weekend. By late Saturday afternoon, Trey, Damon, Orion, and Aaron appear to be ready for a break.
On Sunday morning, Scouts in the Falcon patrol make quick work of a tray of french toast. Eagle Scout Paul doesn't appear to have any complaints about breakfast!
The guys in the Cobra Patrol seem to enjoy the meal, as well. Some of the Cobras find time for a quick game of cards after breakfast.
Sunday mornings always include worship.  Scoutmaster Freeman begins the service. Someone finally managed to snare the camera and snap a photo of Assistant Scoutmaster Meek!
The obligatory group photo on the front steps of the main lodge before boarding the bus for home. These three Webelos from Pack 20 found a good way to enjoy the ride back to Shepherdsville!