Troop 868 in Action

Campout w/ Webelos at White Mills (January, 2004)

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In what has become an annual winter camping event, Troop 868 once again ventured south to White Mills Christian Camp on a cold weekend in January with Webelos from several area Cub Packs in tow.

Early Saturday morning, the Webelos arrived to find the Boy Scouts (who had arrived on Friday night) ready and waiting for them.  After stowing their gear in the barracks, the Webelos were divided into patrols for the weekend, assigned a Boy Scout to act as their Patrol Leader, then guided through a series of scoutcraft "classes" designed to help them in their Cub Scout advancement as well as introduce them to the Boy Scout way of doing things.  The Webelos learned to set up tents, safely use woods tools, practiced first aid, learned about the Scout Badge, and more.  The Webelos patrols also took turns cooking the meals and cleaning up afterward.

For their part, the Boy Scouts were able to complete requirements for Communications, Public Speaking, and other merit badges, as well as showcase their troop for potential future members.  But the program was much more an introduction to Boy Scouting than a heavy sell for joining Troop 868.

One of the highlights of the program was the traditional Night Hike after the Saturday night campfire.  When the group got back to camp, no one had any trouble falling asleep!

(L to R) Paul, Joe, and Dave play cards on Friday night. Shortly after their arrival, Paul gives the Webelos some basic drill instruction.
Dave is shown here conducting a class on how to use a compass to find one's way. Lunch on Saturday consisted of soup and grilled cheese.  Alex places butter on the griddle and instructs one of the Webelos scouts.
Philip and Eddie were cooks and servers for the Saturday night meal.  Note that Stephen is first in line for the cookies! At this particular meal, Eagle Scouts Chris and Dave were table hosts for the Webelos patrol led by Eddie and John.
Webelos in Philip's First Aid class learned to use a blanket and some poles to make a stretcher. Webelos in another patrol practiced a two-man carry.
Paul and Dave demonstrate the giant match they made from rags to light the Saturday night campfire. The giant match obviously worked!
Scouts trekked through a corn field during the Night Hike. Eagle Scout Chris (aka "Scrubmaster") prepares to do battle with the cooking griddle.  He won and we left behind a clean griddle.
Tim conducts the last class of the weekend on "Parts of the Scout Badge" before Sunday morning breakfast. Scoutmaster Meek jokes with the scouts as the troop prepares for worship on Sunday morning.