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Troop 868 in Action

Campout w/ Webelos at White Mills (January, 2005)

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Continuing a tradition that dates back to the troop's second year of operation, we once again hosted a winter cabin campout and invited Webelos Scouts from several area Cub Scout packs to participate.  Venturing once again to White Mills Christian Camp (about 45 minutes away) on a cold weekend in mid-January, this year's trip included Webelos from 4 different packs.

The Webelos arrived in camp early Saturday morning to find the Boy Scouts (who had arrived on Friday night) ready and waiting for them.  The Webelos were divided into patrols for the weekend and a Boy Scout "guide" was assigned to escort and accompany them through a series of scoutcraft "classes" during the remainder of the weekend.  The classes were taught by Troop 868 Boy Scouts and the topics selected were subjects that would help the Webelos advancement toward their Arrow of Light Award.  Among other things, the Webelos learned to set up tents, safely use woods tools, practiced first aid, and learned about the parts of the Scout Badge.  The Webelos patrols each took a turn at cooking meals and cleaning up afterward.

For their part, the Boy Scouts were able to complete requirements for Communications, Public Speaking, and other merit badges, as well as showcase Troop 868 to potential future members.  But the weekend program was much more an introduction to Boy Scouting than a heavy sell for joining Troop 868.

One of the highlights of the program was a traditional Night Hike taken after the Saturday night campfire.  When the group got back to camp after the midnight walk in the woods, no one had any trouble falling asleep!

Senior Patrol Leader Tyler chatted with Troop 868 scouts on Friday evening about their assigned duties for the weekend. Eagle Scout Dave held up a whistle during the class he taught for the Webelos on Hiking Preparation & Safety.
Cobra Patrol Leader Tim, assisted by John, prepare to conduct a class in knot tying. Tim repeats his demonstration for one Webelos Scout as John observes Adam from Pack 848 tie the knot unassisted.
Patrol Guide Vincent with 4 Webelos observe Philip demonstrate how to tie a bandage in a First Aid class. Matt and Philip look on as the Webelos practice a two-man carry on a pretend victim.
Eagle Scout Chris explains the materials that will be needed to successfully set up a canvas dining fly. As the exercise begins, Chris continues to instruct what needs to be done, step-by-step, with the Webelos doing the work.
And, in short order, a dining fly begins to take shape! Troop 868 Assistant Scoutmasters Chuck Davis, Waldo Guzman, and Tommy Guelda pow-wow in the kitchen.
Scouts are bundled up for an outdoor campfire program that preceeded a Night Hike through the surrounding woods. Another scout explains to Cobra Patrol Leader Tim that he wants to purchase a "lightly used" brain during one campfire skit.
Trey and Joe (at left) and Assistant Scoutmaster Paul Guzman (at right) observe Dave and Tyler playing a game of Scrabble. Chess was also a popular activity during periods of free time during the weekend.