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WHITE MILLS w/ WEBELOS (January 2007)

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Troop 868 returned to the heated dormitories and lodge at White Mills Christian Camp for our annual winter "cabin camping" trip with Webelos Cub Scouts from any area pack that care to attend.

The entire weekend program centers around the Webelos with the goal of introducing them to the fun of Boy Scouting and winter camping in an environment where they'll be comfortable despite the weather.  We did have light rain intermittently throughout the day on Saturday, but it didn't put too much of a damper on our planned program other than a campfire and night hike that both got rained out.  The boys still got to perform their skits indoors.

The Webelos learned to use woods tools safely, learned how to set up and take down the troop's canvas wall tents, learned to building fires, tie knots, and use a compass.  They also played a number of team-building games and had some free time to make new friends and enjoy the outdoors.  They also got to take a turn with kitchen duty.

Despite the soggy weather, the weekend was a great success and the Webelos who attended all had a great time.

Troop 868 Boy Scout hold the poles and ropes as a Webelos is shown how to drive the tent stake into the ground at an angle. John demonstrates how the taut line hitch can be tightened by sliding the knot up the rope.
The Webelos learn that is the angle is wrong, the stake will pull out of the ground --- especially when the ground is damp. C.J. takes a turn hammering a stake into the ground as Boy Scouts observe and offer advice.
In one team-building game, scouts had to remember and pass the ball in the same order --- forward or reverse. It proved to be more difficult than it first appeared.
Learned to chop wood with an axe is always a highlight with the Webelos. Philip moves in to give Dustin a few pointers while he still has ten toes.

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