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WHITE MILLS w/ WEBELOS (January 2008)

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Each year in mid-January, Troop 868 invites Webelos from area Cub Scout Packs to go winter "cabin camping" with us at White Mills Christian Camp.  Far from "roughing it" as we usually do, the facilities at White Mills include heated dormitories with bunk beds, flush toilets, and hot showers along with a lodge that includes a commercial-grade kitchen.  We do this because January weather (as often as not) is cold and/or wet and many Webelos don't have the proper gear for real cold weather camping.  For many of them, this outing may be their first experience camping with a Boy Scout troop, so we want them to have a great time and a good experience; and not spend the weekend being cold, wet, or miserable.

We arrived at White Mills around 8:00 PM.  After moving our food and other program supplies into the main lodge, boys carried their personal gear to the dormitory and selected a bunk.  The Falcon Patrol was assigned kitchen duty for Friday night and prepared a delicious Chicken Stir-Fry dinner for everyone.  After dinner, we watched a movie on VHS in fulfillment of a requirement for the Citizenship in the Community merit badge.

Saturday was spent with younger scouts and Webelos both working on personal advancement objectives ranging from fire-building to map and compass.  A group of the most senior scouts spent a large part of the day working on the Personal Management merit badge with Scoutmaster Meek while a couple of scouts who had already earned the badge mapped out a route for a night hike.  The Cobra Patrol fixed sausage and pancakes for breakfast.  The Falcons prepared soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Then it was back to the Cobras to prepare a traditional "Thanksgiving dinner" of turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the usual fixings.  Obviously, Troop 868 knows how to eat well.

After the dinner dishes were washed, scouts had some free time before heading out on a "night hike" --- an annual event for this outing.  Dressed for the weather and armed with flashlights, the troop hiked through the town of White Mills, visited a cemetery, and following a trail along the river before arriving back at camp to find a surprise snack ready and waiting.

On Sunday morning, it was the Falcons who had to roll out of bed first and prepare french toast for breakfast.  Troop Chaplain Aide Alex led the group in morning worship.  Then everyone shared in the task of packing up and cleaning up.

The weekend program ran smoothly from start to finish and the weather was nothing short of phenomenal for January!  The daytime high temperature on Saturday was in the mid-60s and scouts were able to play basketball on the outdoor court in shirt sleeves.

Our annual visit to White Mills is always fun for both Boy Scouts and Webelos.

Scouts dined on tossed salad, chicken stir-fry, and canned fruit after arriving at camp on Friday night. Tim (aka "mop head") demonstrates the latest in headwear for the fashion conscious scout.
It appears Stephen is about to get elbowed by Tim as they serve pancakes on Saturday morning.  ASM Guzman is at left. No complaints about the food from this group as sausage and pancakes rapidly disappear.
Carpet Ball is always a favorite activity in the outdoor activity shelter at White Mills.  It was warm enough on Saturday for Connor and Dylan to sit outdoors in shirt sleeves and play a game of Risk.
(L to R): Chris, Nick, Matt, Dylan, John, and Stephen enjoyed soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Webelos Scout Preston and Boy Scout Gabe sat together at Saturday lunch.
Night hikers get blinded by the camera flash during the our traditional White Mills "midnight march." Nick and Connor cooked french toast and hash browns for Sunday breakfast under the watchful eye of ASM Chuck Davis.
Connor and Nathan served Sunday morning breakfast.  (My, Connor, what big ears you have!) Connor's ears didn't seem to matter to Tim and Alex as they came through the serving line.
Troop Chaplain Aid Alex conducted a morning worship service and delivered a message he had prepared. A scout is reverent -- as demonstrated by the respect and attention given to Alex during the worship service.