Troop 868 in Action
(Friday~Sunday, January 25~27, 2013)

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Each year in January, the troop takes Webelos Cub Scouts from any area Cub Scout packs winter cabin camping.  The location this year was once again White Mills Christian Camp.  White Mills is an ideal location for this kind of event.  The dormitories are heated and feature comfortable bunk beds, flush toilets, and showers.  Cub Scouts who may only own summer weight sleeping bags or just show up with a blanket or two will still be comfortable.  A large multipurpose room doubles as both a place to conduct program activities and as a dining room.  A large commercial kitchen not only has all the necessary cooking facilities but also plenty of space for a whole patrol of scouts to work together on meal preparation.  And there is plenty of space outdoors to do things like practice putting up and talking down canvas tents, learn how to use woods tools, and do firebuilding.

The weekend program caters to the Webelos and the Boy Scouts work with them to complete parts of several Webelos Activity Pins.  The Webelos also get to experience true Boy Scout-style camping and get a good feel for how Troop 868 operates so they can evaluate whether or not this a troop they would like to join when it comes time for them to crossover.

Pack 868 Second Year Webelos Kevin, Micah, and Martin lined up on Saturday morning behind Noah.  First Year Webelos Dennis, James, Thomas, Rhys, and Tony lined up behind Andrew. Acting Senior Patrol Leader Brixton called the troop into formation and presided for the presentation of the colors.
Scoutmaster Meek gave everyone a briefing on how the weekend program would work. Preston walks past Second Year Webelos Martin, Micah, Ronnie, and Kevin who are lined up behind Noah.
Saturday morning cooks Tyler and Preston served pancakes to the group. Webelos Tony, Matthew, Martin, Kevin, James, and Rhys were first in line.
Tyler and Andrew taught Webelos James, Thomas, Dennis, and Rhys how to time some of the basic Boy Scout knots. Meanwhile, Noah had Webelos Kenneth, Ronnie, Micah, Martin, and Kevin learning some First Aid.
Toby and Thomas taught Kevin, Tristan, Martin, Andrew, and Ronnie how to build a fire. This is Nicholas teaching basic map reading to Tony, Rhys, Thomas, and Dennis.
While other scouts were busy teaching the Webelos, Noah had time to sit down with Assistant Scoutmaster Hagerman to work on a merit badge. Why is it that in every knot-tying class, somebody always ends up tied to a chair?