Troop 868 in Action

Wildcat Hollow (April, 2005)

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For spring break, the PLC decided to do a 4-day tent camp at Camp Wildcat Hollow in Russellville, Kentucky.  As it turned out, the local schools had been on spring break the week before, so we had the entire scout reservation to ourselves.  The camp ranger could not have been more helpful or accommodating.  He offered us our choice of campsites and we selected to stay in Sycamore, a large, relatively high site near the main parking lot.  It had rained for most of the prior week and the ground was a still a bit soggy as we moved into camp on Sunday afternoon, but warm, sunny weather on Monday quickly dried things up.

The emphasis of the outing was basic scout skills.  As usual for troop campouts, we cooked by patrols.  Scouts erected a rope bridge in fulfillment of a requirement for Pioneering MB and Scoutmaster Meek spent several hours meeting with boys to work on Camping MB.  A couple of the senior scouts and our scoutmasters took on a service project to help out the ranger by painting one of the camp latrines.  We even found time to go canoeing for several hours one afternoon.  This turned out to be more eventful than planned when Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman flipped a canoe, took an unexpected swim in the lake, and lost a pair of glasses in the process.  Fortunately, neither he nor any of the equipment was hurt (except, of course, for the lost glasses).  We had a campfire program our last night in camp.

We had excellent weather our entire time at camp and managed to break camp and had everything nearly packed back into the troop truck as showers moved back into the area on Wednesday morning.  The real downpour hit just as we were driving out the main gate ... talk about great timing!

Chris and Dylan watch as Vincent starts across the bridge.  Aaron takes a walk across the bridge.  Vincent is visible at left.
While it may not be obvious from the photo, the bridge was constructed to span a drainage ditch.  Kirk is crossing. Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman chops some for the adults to use for their cooking fire.
Senior Patrol Leader Tim, Cobra APL Trey, and Falcon PL Philip drag a log from the woods for the troop campfire. Clinton adds some finishing touches to the campfire; the boys' goal was to build "a fire that could be seen from space."
Scouts prepared to go canoeing on Tuesday afternoon. Aaron and Trey didn't have any problems.
They had a whole lake to paddle around in, yet they always seem to want to stick close together. Clinton and Trey pause to be photographed.  Philip is visible in another canoe.