Troop 868 in Action
(Spring Break Trip, April 2010)

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Wildcat Hollow (aka Badgett Scout Reservation) is owned and operated by the Shawnee Trails Council, BSA.  The camp is located near Russellville, Kentucky.  It's a bit too far away for weekend camping but an ideal location for a longer trip, such as during school spring break.  The camp is no longer operated as a Boy Scout resident camp but is frequently used for NYLT, WoodBadge, and a host of Cub Scout programs, as well as weekend troop camping.  The parade fields and campsites are well-maintained.  The camp has a beautiful lake that, at one time, served as the primary reservoir for the city of Russellville.  The camp also has a swimming pool that's open from May through August.

This particular visit was a 4-day mid-week trip.  We camped in the Wildcat Point campsite all the way at the back of the camp.  Being spring break, we took it easy and permitted the boys to sleep in later than we normally do --- most teenagers do love to sleep!

Quite a bit of our time was consumed with meal preparation and cooking.  This was to be expected given that we had a number of new scouts in the group.  In addition to working on various advancement requirements, we performed a service project for the camp by clearing and cutting up downed trees in our campsite and building two large campfires to be used at a weekend Cub Scout event.  Our scouts were kind of disappointed not to have gotten to see the fires lit.  The boys also repaired a lashed bridge over a small creek by re-doing the lashings using new rope and replacing several broken or rotted logs to make it safe for the Cub Scouts to cross.  We also managed to find time to do some geocaching and go canoeing.

As a pioneering project, the Falcon Patrol decided to construct
a tripod to hold a pirate flag that one the members had brought.
This is the Falcon Patrol's re-enactment of the famous flag raising by U.S. Marines over Iwo Jima.  Well ... maybe ...
The troop assembled for flag lowering. Fellow scouts salute as Conor lowers the Stars and Stripes.
Drew, Toby, and Adam pose in front of one of the two huge campfires the troop built for a Cub Scout event. One the last things the troop always does before departing any camp is to form a line and police the area for litter.
Assembled in front of the campsite's latrine which bore the "Wildcat Point" sign are (back row) Mr. Rodabaugh, Chase, Dalton, Adam, Spencer, Jon, Drew, and ASM Guzman; (front row) Toby, Zach, Conor, Dylan, Adam, and Tyler.