Troop 868 in Action

Cub Scout Lock-In at the YMCA (March, 2003)

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Troop 868 hosted a Lock-In at the downtown Louisville YMCA for several area Cub Scout Packs.  The Cubs were able to swim, climb a 3-story indoor rock wall, play racquetball, handball, basketball, dodge ball, indoor frisbe and other gymnasium games.  They were also able to run and do relay races on the indoor track.  About a dozen Cubs earned their Swimming Belt Loop.  A class for the Webelos to earn the Aquanaut Activity Pin was offered, but there were no takers.  Boy Scouts assisted in all the various program areas.  Then everyone snacked on pizza before the Cubs departed around 1 AM.

Everyone's first destination was the pool.  The float noodles proved to be popular with the Cubs. A float belt prevents this Tiger Cub from missing out on any of the fun!
Why swim when you can float? And underwater is just as good as on the surface (as long as your air holds out)!
"Hey ... where is everybody?" James asks.  Not to worry ... the Cubs eventually all found the gym. Four Boy Scouts managed to find time for a game of racquetball.  (L to R): Paul, Ben, and Chris.
Scoutmaster Meek worked with Aaron on the Lifesaving Merit Badge. After several hours of non-stop exercise, pizza at midnight was definitely a big hit with the Cubs.
And with their leaders, too! This foursome looks well-fed and ready to relax.  So, who has the remote?
A shortage of seats didn't deter these buddies ... they just shared a chair. You know, Mom, we need to have this meal more often.