Troop 868 in Action

Young's Creek Trail (November, 2003)

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This was Troop 868's first time hiking the Young's Creek Trail in the Hoosier National Forest, but it likely won't be our last.  The 11.2 mile trail was a very comfortable walk in the woods.  Moving steadily, but not really pushing hard, we completed the hike in just under 6 hours.  The trail was not nearly as hilly as we had expected, given it's location in the southern Indiana knobs.

The trail is a complete loop and features two trailheads, both of which have parking for a half dozen or so vehicles.  Camping is permitted at the northern most trailhead.  We began and ended our walk at the eastern trailhead and hiked counter-clockwise.  Just under 1 mile of the trail is along a lightly traveled paved road; the rest is dirt trail through the woods.  Most of the trail is wide enough that hikers can walk 2 or 3 abreast.

The trail is a multi-use trail.  We didn't encounter any mountain bikers, but we did meet one group of horseback riders.  The trail is located about 5 miles south of Paoli, Indiana.

We took a bunch of photos, but the memory card in our digital camera must not have been properly inserted, because they didn't turn out very well.  Using editing software, we were able to salvage a couple of them ... but they're certainly not photos to brag about!

Hikers pose for the usual group photo before hitting the trail.  Front row, L to R are Eddie, Trey and Tim.  Middle row are Philip, Tyler, and Flo.  Back row are Mr. Guzman, Paul, and Mr. Meek.  Mr. Jarboe (not pictured) was the photographer. Trey, Tim, and Philip horseplay as we hike along one short stretch of country road.