Troop 868 in Action

Young's Creek Trail (May, 2005)

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Being the weekend after the troop's annual Plant Sale, everyone agreed that an easy day hike would be a good choice for our May outing.  Thunderstorms showered the entire region on Friday night and persistent scattered showers on Saturday morning led many would-be participants to stay home in bed!  Nevertheless, 4 hardy scouts and 2 fearless leaders showed up determined that Scouting would go on despite the weather.

Only a light drizzle was falling by the time we drove to the trailhead and started hiking.  Despite the heavy overnight rainfall that produced a very thin layer of surface mud, the underlying soil was surprisingly firm and sinking in muck was (thankfully) not a problem.    The group progressed at a rapid pace, averaging better than 2 mph without making any real effort to push.

Several short showers enticed us to don our ponchos at times, but the rain was never an obstacle and everyone managed to remain mostly dry and comfortable.  One scout even backpacked the trail to complete a requirement for Backpacking Merit Badge!

Wood turtle (land terrapins) were the only signs of wildlife we observed, but we counted 8 of them sitting right in the middle of the trail at different points.  On one particular stretch, we encountered 3 different species of turtles within a few yards of each other.  We've encountered turtles on dozens of outings, but never so many in such a short period of time.

We finished the hike just a few minutes before 3 PM; almost exactly 6 hours after we started.  We were home in Shepherdsville in plenty of time to enjoy dinner with our families.  The guys who opted out because of a few raindrops missed out on a fun, easy hike.

Chris leads the way across a rain swollen creek followed (in order) by Tim, Philip, and Mr. McClure.  (L to R) Scoutmaster Bob Meek, Philip, Dave, Tim, Assistant Scoutmaster Paul Guzman, and Chris.
Shallow surface mud made the trail look a lot worse than it was; the underlying ground was actually quite firm. At one point along the trail, three different species of wood turtles were encountered within a few yards of each other.
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Eagle Scout Dave decided to backpack the trail to meet a requirement for Backpacking MB.