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Spring Break Trip (March, 2004)

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The troop traditionally conducts an extended outing during spring break week.  This year, the boys couldn't decide between sleeping aboard an aircraft carrier or doing some whitewater rafting.  As it turned out, we were able to do both!

The group departed Shepherdsville on Saturday evening.  With 3 scoutmasters rotating driving responsibilities, the unit drove all night and arrived in South Carolina early Sunday morning.  We pulled off the interstate mid-morning and attended the morning worship service at Chapin United Methodist Church.  We then continued on a bit further before stopping for a nice, long lunch break.  We arrived at Patriot's Point in Charleston, SC mid-afternoon and boarded the USS Yorktown.

While at Patriot's Point, we had the opportunity to tour several ships, including a WW-II diesel-electric submarine, the USS Clamagore.  On Monday morning, we took a boat ride out into Charleston Harbor to visit the remains of Fort Sumter, site of the opening battle of the Civil War.

The troop pauses for a photo before boarding the USS Yorktown (in the background). ASM Davis selects a bunk in the berthing area assigned to us and is thankful to be on an aircraft carrier instead of a submarine!
Lined up for morning chow on the hangar desk are (L to R) Patrick, David, Paul, Joe, and Tyler.  The bridge of the USS Yorktown (CV-10).
Looking down onto the flight deck.  The Yorktown itself and many of the aircraft on display were weathered and in need of restoration. Looking down at the USS Clamagore from the bridge of the Yorktown.
Tim and Stephen on the dock with the Yorktown in the background. Mr. Guelda and Stephen pose with one of the cannons at Fort Sumter.
Tyler has a way of getting into tight places, it this case, the barrel of a cannon at Fort Sumter.  Just how far will this thing shoot? (L to R) Chris, Joe, Dave, Patrick, Trey, Mr. Guzman, Mr. Davis, Mr. Guelda, Tyler, Stephen, Tim, Mr. Vissers, and Mr. Meek.

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